9 Restaurant Chains You Didn’t Know Had Ohio Roots

1. Arby’s

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


The second largest quick service sandwich chain known for its Beef n’ Cheddar and curly fries opened its first store in Boardman, Ohio just outside Youngstown. The chain currently operates approximately 3,400 stores around the world.


2. Wendy’s

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


Wendy’s is the third largest fast food burger chain in the world and was founded in the capital city, Columbus, Ohio. Wendy’s is famous for its square patty burgers as they are known to “not cut corners on quality”. Wendy’s currently has over 6,500 stores around the globe.

3. Buffalo Wild Wings

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


Believe it or not, Buffalo Wild Wings is not from Buffalo at all, it’s from Columbus, Ohio. B-Dubs or BW3 as its commonly referred to has over 950 locations nationwide.

4. Frisch’s Big Boy

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


Frisch’s is one of the largest and oldest of the Big Boy franchises. The chain was established in Cincinnati, Ohio and stood out from the rest of the Big Boy franchises in its use of tartar sauce on burgers. There are approximately 100 restaurants, most of which are located in the Midwest.

5. Donatos Pizza

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


Donatos Pizza is everything that Columbus-style pizza entails: thin crust, sweet sauce, and a boat load of toppings. It’s believed that there are over 100 pepperoni slices on each large pepperoni pizza. Donatos was founded in Columbus, Ohio and currently headquartered in Gahanna. There are 200 locations in six states.

6. Charley’s Grilled Subs

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


Charley’s was established on Ohio State’s campus (Columbus) in 1986. The restaurant is known as one of the first to have the grill face the customers so they they could always see their food being made. The most common menu items are the Philly Cheesesteak and Chicken Teriyaki subs. There are currently 400 locations in 46 states and 15 different countries.

7. Bob Evans

restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots


If you are “down on the farm” you are actually in Rio Grande, Ohio which is where Bob Evans opened his first restaurant. The chain is proud of its country style restaurants and breakfast being served all day. The chain has grown to over 570 locations in 23 states.

8. Max & Erma’s
restaurant chains you didn't know had Ohio Roots

Max & Erma’s started as a tavern in German Village in Columbus, Ohio. After the tavern was bought it was converted into a casual dining restaurant. Restaurants are packed with an abundance of quirky and home style tchotchke’s. The restaurant is most famous for it’s  all-you-can-eat sundae bar served in an antique bathtub. There are currently 73 locations in 10 states.

9. Tom and Chee


Tom and Chee’s menu resembles that of every child’s true comfort food, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The grilled cheese franchise began in Cincinnati, and currently has 19 locations in states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kansas, New Jersey, Indiana and Kentucky. Tom and Chee expects 30 new locations in the upcoming year alone. The restaurant’s founders have also been featured multiple times on ABC’s show “Shark Tank”.

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