The Arnold Sports Festival

The “Governator” was in Columbus this weekend. No, he is not running for office in Ohio (thank god) or playing table tennis in a beer commercial. Rather, Arnold Schwarzenegger was hosting his athletic and bodybuilding competition known as the Arnold Sports Festival. The city of Columbus is special to Arnold as his victory at the 1970 Mr. World competition hosted in Columbus is considered to be his first major win in the bodybuilding circuit. And, just like he muttered in Terminator, “I’ll be back”. He has returned to Columbus each year for the last 26 years. The four day showcase of athleticism is the largest multi-sport competition in the world. Over 18,000 athletes from 80 different countries come to Columbus to compete in events such as bodybuilding, wrestling, cheer leading, martial arts, and many more. In comparison, the 2012 London Summer Olympics hosted about 10,000 athletes. The event brings around 175,000 visitors to central Ohio and generates 42 million dollars in spending within the Columbus economy. The bodybuilding portion known as the Arnold Classic is one of the most prestigious and popular bodybuilding competitions in the world.

Arnold Sports Festival
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