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Gay Softball World Series

No, Columbus doesn’t have a Major League Baseball franchise, but that doesn’t

First Summer School

While it’s certainly not a “win” for students that are required


While the “pawpaw” sounds like a deep-fried dessert or a nickname


All the kids these days are always shouting “YOYO”, which I think

Accounting Hall of Fame

Only 125 miles from the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a hall

Bicycle Capital of the Midwest

Who knew that the Midwest had their own biking jurisdiction?! Turns

America’s Youngest Soldier

While most 10 year old boys play with super soakers, Ohioan Johnny Clem


June and July are a busy time for Columbus’ Goodale Park.

The Avengers

Criminals in Cleveland beware! Not only are the city’s police officers


Prohibition may not truly be a “win” but the influence it had

The Banana Split

Here’s a post you’re sure to go “bananas” over! One of

The Ohio State School for the Blind Marching Band

Script Ohio is recognized as one of the greatest traditions in

General William T. Sherman

Memorial Day is not only a day to spend time with

Bessie Lake Monster

If you are vacationing near Lake Erie this summer, be on

Test Market, U.S.A.

If you like fast food and live in Columbus, Ohio, you