Berliner Sports Park

Columbus summers are often filled with festivals, food trucks, and recreational softball leagues. Lots and lots of softball leagues. The main venue, Berliner Sports Park, located on the city’s southside is the nation’s largest softball complex. The park consists of 31 fields sitting on 209 acres. The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department has also installed 11 artificial turf infields due to Ohio’s “indecisive” weather patterns. ┬áIn comparison, Cleveland’s largest softball facility is 6 fields and Cincinnati’s largest is 4 fields. The park was named in honor of Dispatch columnist, Lou Berliner, who spotlighted amateur athletes and sports in the Columbus area during the mid-1900′s. Each year there are approximately 1,000 softball teams which play their games at Berliner. While the complex can be described as “softball heaven”, finding the correct field to park next to is a completely different story.



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