Best City for Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving meals are best spent with family and friends. With multiple invitations on the table, how do you make your decision on where you will be attending your festive meal. Do you decide based on the number of guests, number of dishes prepared, most televisions to watch football, or on the amount of turkey served? A recent study conducted by Pepto-Bismol and Sperling’s BestPlaces found that Akron is the best city in the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving. The following factors were evaluated in the study:


- Average number of people celebrating at one household – 7.63 (1st in the nation)

- Average number of dishes is 6.44 (2nd in the nation)

- Percentage of flights arriving in the city the week prior to Thanksgiving compared to the entire year – 3.78% (2nd in the nation)

- Turkey consumption is 5% greater than the U.S. average

- Birthplace of NBA All-Stars Lebron James and Stephen Curry (this was not part of the study, but is still fascinating)


If you were not able to spend this past holiday in Northeast, Ohio, it may be a good idea to reconnect with long-lost relatives or college classmates from the area to try to experience one of the renowned Akron Thanksgivings.


The Top Ten Places for Thanksgiving include:

1. Akron
2. West Palm Beach – Boca Raton
3. Columbus
4. Fort Worth
5. Las Vegas
6. Rochester
7. Salt Lake City
8. Minneapolis
9. Philadelphia
10. Warren – Troy – Farmington Hills, MI.

Photo via: BestPlaces

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