Bexley Arboretum

There is often confusion between the proper title for a city. Is it populated enough to be a city? Is it a village, township, or neighborhood? Well, there is even more confusion and complexity for Bexley, Ohio, the first city in the United States to be considered an arboretum. An arboretum usually refers to a specific area of trees designated for site seeing, observation, or research, however in March 2013, the entire city of Bexley qualified for the Level 2 accreditation established by the Morton Register of Arboreta. It’s incredible that a city just 3.5 miles east of downtown Columbus, the 15th largest city in the U.S., has obtained this status. Bexley’s 2.5 square mile arboretum has more maples, pines, and oak trees than people. The city has cataloged over 14,000 trees and 100 different species in parks or right-of-way areas managed by the Bexley forester. This doesn’t even include trees within resident’s yards. The largest tree is a cottonwood with a 20 foot diameter that is approximately 300 years old. Bexley has been part of the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Tree City” program for over 25 years.



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