Biggest Week in American Birding

I’m surprised that even after most Ohio winters, birds are still willing to migrate north each year. Luckily for us, early May is an exciting time for bird watchers and enthusiasts in the Maumee Bay region. Each year around this time, the Biggest Week in American Birding is held, a 10-day festival to showcase some of the best bird watching in North America. This is the time of year that many bird species including warblers migrate from the Caribbean and South America up north to Canada and Alaska. In order to make the flight over the Great Lakes, the birds rest up and refuel in the Maumee Bay area before crossing this large obstacle. One of the most popular sites is the Magee Marsh in Oak Harbor. Over 200 different species of birds and 30 species of warblers have been identified during the event. It is estimated that between 50-75 thousand bird watchers visit the northwest Ohio state parks during the migratory bird season.  These bird watchers pour approximately 30 million dollars into the local economy- a significant amount goes towards conservation efforts. The festival includes daily hikes, workshops for beginning birders, keynote speakers, and much more. Northwest Ohio has even been dubbed “the Warbler Capital of the World”.   For more information, please visit The Biggest Week in American Birding