Bye Bye Birdie

The state of Ohio has had a lot to be excited about in 2014. We saw the return of Lebron, Cleveland was named host for the 2016 Republican National Convention, and the Ohio State Buckeyes National Championship run. However, an Ohio town has not been more ecstatic since it was announced that Conrad Birdie would be performing one last concert in Sweet Apple, Ohio in the Broadway Musical, Bye Bye Birdie.  The musical is inspired by Elvis Presley and news of his draft notice into the Army. Conrad Birdie (modeled after Elvis Presley) decides to play one farewell concert before leaving for battle, and decides to sing for one lucky fan. The randomly chosen fan is 15 year old, Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple. Bye Bye Birdie’s story line follows the lives of the teens and parents living in the quiet Ohio town leading up to the concert. While Sweet Apple is a fictional town, it was chosen as the setting for the musical because there is something special about a widely publicized national event occurring in a small town.


Sweet Apple

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