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First Indoor and Outdoor Concert Venue

Given the indecisive Ohio weather patterns, it’s no surprise that Columbus is home

A Christmas Story

While one of the most iconic holiday movies of all time

R.L. Stine

No author has both caught the attention and frightened young readers better

Scary Movies

Nothing goes better with Halloween than a handful of scary movies.

Official Rock Song

Most states have an official song, however none are as hip

The Avengers

Criminals in Cleveland beware! Not only are the city’s police officers

World’s Largest Drumsticks

Since its construction in 2012, Warren, Ohio has been home to

Warner Bros.

When people think of Warner Bros., the first words that often

Bye Bye Birdie

The state of Ohio has had a lot to be excited about

Toy Story is Based in Chagrin Falls

Neil Armstrong and John Glenn aren’t the only famous astronauts from

Scrubs’ Star “J.D.” is from Trotwood

I’m guessing that John Dorian, M.D.  (J.D.) must have enjoyed the

Clarissa Explains it All

Everyone loves a 90′s Nickelodeon classic. None are more iconic than Melissa

The Hulk

Bruce Banner’s alter ego, “the Hulk” was born in Dayton, Ohio.

Captain Underpants

For those that remember the Captain Underpants series from their elementary

The Drew Carey Show

The Drew Carey Show not only provided comedic relief but had