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Longest Running Potato Chip Company

This is a country that loves to snack and what symbolizes

First College in the Northwest Territory

Today, most students arrive to their college campus by car, bus,

First Junior High School

It turns out awkward teenage social interactions can trace their roots

First Ambulance Service

Ohio seems to have an obsession with flashing lights, sirens, and

The First Professional Fire Department

Before the FDNY and Chicago Fire Department (portrayed on the NBC

Ohio Inventors: Changing The Way We Live

You may not realize it, but many of the items we

Inventor of the Hot Dog

When Harry M. Stevens invented the hot dog in 1901, I

First Man to Walk on the Moon

Apparently, Neil Armstrong used to go around at parties telling unfunny

Marietta: First Settlement in the Northwest Territory

As a result of the Revolutionary War, the Treaty of Paris

First Police Car

Whether you appreciate them or find yourself terrified looking in your

Sweetest Day

Often accused of being a “Hallmark Holiday”, Sweetest Day is celebrated

The Ohio President’s Cup Results

The same weekend that the U.S. retained golf’s “President’s Cup”, another

Ohio is The Mother of Presidents

Ohio is nicknamed the “Mother of Presidents” as they are home

First Concrete Paved Road in the United States

Car suspensions everywhere are thankful for an innovation which took place

Oberlin College: As Progressive as it Gets

It’s hard to believe that 26 years before the outbreak of