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The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

It’s clear that Americans are obsessed with apples, from apple pie

Pioneers of Flight: The Wright Brothers

The innovators who are credited with the invention of the airplane,

Perrysburg Plat

One of the two cities platted by the United States government

A Happy Birthday for Warren G. Harding

Warren Harding holds the honor of being the only U.S. President

Taft: The Expert of the Inauguration

William Howard Taft could present a one-man show for presidential inaugurations.

James Garfield and Rutherford B. Hayes: Who Wasn’t President in 1881???

For the second time in American history there were three U.S.

Ulysses S. Grant Had a Lead Foot

The only President to receive a speeding ticket while in office

William H. Harrison: Highest Inaugural Speech to Presidential Term Ratio

William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the U.S., held the

Benjamin Harrison: Not The Most “Popular” President

Benjamin Harrison is only 1 of 4 U.S. Presidents which lost

William McKinley: A More Modern President

William McKinley is known as the first U.S. President to ride