Ohio Astronauts

In 2005, Stephen Colbert commented, “twenty-two astronauts were born in Ohio.

A Christmas Story

While one of the most iconic holiday movies of all time

World’s Shortest Street

The following Ohio tidbit was provided by my optometrist which I

Best City for Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving meals are best spent with family and friends. With multiple

The Barcode

You think of it as the annoying “beeping” noise at the

Glenville Tarblooders in the NFL

There must be something in the Cuyahoga River water that produces great

R.L. Stine

No author has both caught the attention and frightened young readers better

Scary Movies

Nothing goes better with Halloween than a handful of scary movies.

Rudy 2.0

Rudy is a classic film. It’s great for sports fans, family-friendly,

The Ice Cream Bar

The ice cream bar is an iconic treat. It’s so simple,

Official Rock Song

Most states have an official song, however none are as hip

Football Sportscasters

Ohio has produced some legendary football players. It turns out that

First Gasoline Powered Car

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without cars. Commuting

Ohio Cup Vintage Baseball

Time machines haven’t been invited yet, but that won’t stop you


Play-Doh is an iconic toy that almost everyone has fond memories