People driving through the Midwest often complain about the abundance of corn fields, however you never hear anyone talk about large fields of corn. Ironically, Dublin is home to the largest human-sized “field of corn” in the world. Nicknamed “Cornhenge”, the 109 white concrete ears of corn stand in at over 6 feet tall and were sculpted in 1994. The public art display sits on a farm previously owned by Sam Frantz. Frantz is seen as a leader in the development of hybrid corn seeds. Each ear of corn weights approximately 1,500 pounds and has a unique kernel pattern. From a distance the field of corn resembles the graves of a military cemetery. There are many theories for the pattern, however it’s believed this represents the death of farming in Dublin and the rise of suburbia and industrial life. Dublin’s “Field of Corn” is considered one of the most unique roadside attractions in the U.S.


Photo via: LarryHamillPhotography