Dum Dums

The popular lollipop brand “Dum Dums” may end up in your hand after a visit to the bank, but they started right here in Ohio. The spherical-shaped lollipops were originally named by the Akron Candy Co. based out of Bellevue in 1924. The name was chosen because it was a phrase that any child could say, not because the candy lowered your intelligence. In 1953, the Spangler Candy Company acquired Akron Candy Co. and moved the Dum Dums production to Bryan. With over 10 million lollipops made per day, Dum Dums are one of the most popular lollipop brands in the country. If there weren’t already enough Ohio connections with the sugary treat, the company mascot, the “Dum Dums Drum Man” was created by the Howard Swink Advertising Agency out of Marion, Ohio.


dum dums

Photo via: Spangler Candy