The best up and coming music performers aren’t coming from New York or Los Angeles, but from Lima, Ohio. Lima is home to the “fictional” William McKinley High School and its ever so popular glee club. Even though the hit Fox series, “Glee” is based in Lima its actually filmed in Hollywood. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone wanting to travel to Northwest Ohio to get a picture at the “Lima Bean”.  Even though the show’s town and school are fictional, there are a few geographically accurate points discussed in the show. Lets breakout the Ohio fact from the fiction.


  • Lima is a city in Ohio – FACT
  • Lima is in Allen County- FACT
  • Lima is in Western Ohio- FACT


  • There is a gay bar in West Lima called “Scandals”- FICTION
  • In the episode “Dream on” Neil Patrick Harris guest stars and mentions that a large portion of students work in the health care industry later in life- FACTish (The largest employers within Lima are health systems).
  • The Lima Bean- FICTION
  • Hummel Tires and Lube- FICTION
  • Mattress Land- FICTION
  • Rinky Dinks- FICTION


  • Lima has an active community theater group called the “Lima Theater Guild”- FICTION


  • William McKinley High School- FICTION
  • Allen County Community College- FICTION
  • University of Lima- FICTION


  • WOHN-TV provides news coverage for Western Ohio- FICTION


  • In the episode, “I Kissed a Girl” it is discussed that Burt Hummel wins Ohio’s 4th Congressional District race - FICTION and FACT (No, the character didn’t actually win, but Lima is in the 4th Congressional District of Ohio)


It is believed the show takes place in Lima because the creator, Ryan Murphy, grew up in Indiana and wanted the show to be based in a Midwestern setting. He also remembers driving near Lima on childhood trips to Cedar Point.