HIMYM’s Ted Mosby is from Ohio

The CBS sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother”, is in its ninth and final season. When it’s all said and done, “How I Met Your Mother” will be one of the best comedy shows of all time. The show revolves around the lovable and quirky protagonist, “Ted Mosby” on a journey to finding his wife. A recurring facet to the show is that the main character, Ted, is from Shaker Heights, Ohio. In multiple episodes Ted can be seen wearing Ohio themed shirts or casually mentioning Cleveland references. In the episode, “Where Were We?”, Ted is seen cheering for the Indians when he takes Marshall to a Yankees vs. Indians game. Also in “Slap Bet”, Ted mentions that he avoids malls because he was once trapped under a fake rock at a mall in Ohio. The most notable instance is in the episode, “I’m Not That Guy” where Ted is confused with an adult entertainment actor, who shares the same name and hometown.

While Ted is a fictional character, the actor that he is portrayed by, Josh Radnor, is from Bexley, Ohio. Josh attended the the Jewish day school, Columbus Torah Academy, followed by Bexley High School, and later attended college at Kenyon in Gambier, Ohio. During a Q & A session at Ohio State, Josh mentioned that he, ” loves being from Columbus and is always happy to come back.”

The character, Ted, is based on the show’s writer Carter Bays who is from Shaker Heights and attended Wesleyan University, the same institution that Ted received his degree from on the show.


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