The Ice Cream Bar

The ice cream bar is an iconic treat. It’s so simple, yet so delicious. What could be better than combining ice cream and chocolate with the mobility of a popsicle? Nothing, that’s what. The ice cream bar ends up in your stomach (or all over your face) but started with an idea in Youngstown, Ohio. Harry Burt ran an ice cream parlor in the Northeastern Ohio city and wanted to create a novelty product for his store. In 1920, he created the perfect blend of chocolate coating to cover a small block of vanilla ice cream. His customers said the treat was very delicious, however was too messy to eat with your hands. Burt’s son came up with the idea of inserting a popsicle stick into the bar. And, just like that, the “Good Humor” ice cream bar was born. The “Good Humor” name came from the fact that eating the treat gave a person the same emotions as hearing a humorous joke. During the 1920′s, the Good Humor chocolate-coated ice cream bar was becoming extremely popular. Rather than waiting around in his store, Burt wanted to find a way to bring ice cream to the customers. Being the innovator that he was, he outfitted twelve trucks with freezers to sell ice cream bars on the road. He attached bells from his son’s bobsled to alert pedestrians that the ice cream truck was approaching. The original Good Humor bar cost anywhere from 5 to 10 cents. The Good Humor bars have left millions of American’s satisfied and along with their trucks have captured┬áthe American summer.



Photo via: The Daily Gazette