The JPMorgan Chase McCoy Center: A City within a City

No, the McCoy Center does not have it’s own government structure, zip code, or local tavern but it does have pretty much everything else that a normal city would have. The McCoy Center houses approximately 10,000 employees which is greater than the population of 84 Ohio cities. At 2-million square feet, the facility is the 2nd largest “flat” office building in the United States behind the Pentagon. The building is a quarter of a mile from end to end and features a gift shop, dry cleaners, shipping center, nurse’s station, massage center, two cafeterias, and what city would be complete without a Starbucks. If employees need a place to stretch their legs they can go for a walk or train for a marathon on the 1.9 mile track around the Chase campus. Think parking would be an issue? Currently there are 7,600 parking spots in 11 different lots with the plan to add an additional 400 spots.


McCoy Center

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