The Klondike Bar

The tasty treat that questioned, “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?” was first asked in Mansfield at Isaly’s Dairy Company. In 1922, brothers, Chester and Samuel Isaly, came up with the idea of ¬†dipping a vanilla ice cream square in Swiss milk chocolate. Unlike other frozen desserts at the time, the Klondike Bar was a sandwich rather than something found on a stick. It is believed the name came from the Klondike River in Canada’s Yukon territory, site of the 1890′s Gold Rush. Until 1978 the treat was sold exclusively in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Eventually, the treat became a nationwide obsession and was bought by Unilever (Good Humor-Breyers) in 1993. Today, Klondike Bars can be found in 92% of national grocery stores.

Klondike Bar