Largest Amphicar Gathering in the World

It’s a car, it’s a boat, it’s an amphicar! An amphibian car or “amphicar” is a combination of a boat and an automobile. They were manufactured in the 1960′s and it is estimated that there are only 500 left in the world. So, where does this exclusive club unite to show off their antique treasures. None other than Celina, Ohio, the center of the amphicar world. During the last weekend in July at the Grand Lake Festival, 30-40 amphicars will participate in a “swim-in” for the event’s attendees. The Celina festival will feature unique cars from 9 different states and a couple from Canada. The amphicars can go about 70 mph on land and 7 knots on water. When it comes down to it, an amphicar is really a less sophisticated James Bond vehicle. However, if 007 had one, he would definitely be participating in Celina’s swim-in.


For more information visit: Celina Lake Festival