Largest Fan Base in the NFL

I’m not sure if Cleveland Browns fans just love a great underdog story or are gluttons for punishment. Whichever it is, it’s obvious Browns fans are both loyal and crazy about their team. Not only are they passionate, but there are a whole lot of them. The Cleveland Browns are considered to have the largest organized fan base in the NFL. The Browns’ official fan club, the “Browns Backers Worldwide” has over 105,000 registered members, boasting approximately 350 chapters in 10 different countries. The Browns Backers can be found in every major city in the United States as well as several military bases throughout the world. Two of the larger international fan clubs are based in Niagara, Canada (~300 members) and Alon Shvut, Israel (~125 members). The Browns Backers also have a presence in Egypt, Japan, Australia, and Antarctica! (Lakewood Observer) A large reason for the international fan base is due to the fact that the previous Browns majority owner, Randy Lerner, was also the owner of the Premier League Aston Villa Football Club. Browns jerseys and other merchandise were sold at Aston Villa games and throughout the English neighborhood.

To become a member of one of professional sports’ largest fan clubs you can register for free at the Browns Backers’ website: Become a Backer


Largest NFL Fan Base

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