The Leading Producer of Swiss Cheese

It turns out Ohio is the big cheese after all. Nationally, the state ranks first in the production of Swiss cheese. Ohio produced over 138 million pounds of Swiss cheese in 2012, more than one-third of the nation’s total output (321 million pounds). Ohio is not only the leading producer of the dairy product, but is also credited for its creation. That’s right, Swiss cheese is not from Switzerland, but from Ohio. The name “Swiss cheese”, is the North American cheese which shares a resemblance to Emmental cheese which originated in the Emmental region of Switzerland.¬†Swiss cheese production began in the mid 1800′s as numerous Swiss immigrants started producing on farms in Tuscarawas¬†and Holmes counties. Today, Brewster Dairy in Brewster, Ohio is considered to be the largest manufacturer of all-natural Swiss in the United States. The company alone produces 85 million pounds of Swiss cheese each year.










Picture via: Ohio Swiss Cheese Association