The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

It’s clear that Americans are obsessed with apples, from apple pie to apple sauce to Apple computers. Today, the wide-spread popularity of apples is credited to one of the early frontiersman, Johnny Appleseed. Johnny introduced apples to areas in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana by building vast nurseries and protecting them from livestock. He would then leave the nursery with a neighbor and move onto the next region. Johnny introduced apples to Americans at a time in which they were only native to Europe and Asia.¬†One of his most significant contributions was to the Mohican region of Ohio which includes Mansfield, Perrysville, Ashland, and Loudonville. For a period of time, Johnny settled with a relative near the area which is now Mansfield. Not only does his legacy consist of planting apple trees but he also aided Ohioans during the War of 1812. The legend is that during the war, Johnny had run over 20 miles from Mansfield to Mount Vernon warning settlers of the impending attack on the area.

Today, the village of Lisbon features the annual Johnny Appleseed Festival, Ashland hosts the Johnny Appleseed Heritage Center and Outdoor Drama, and Urbana is home to the only Johnny Appleseed Museum.



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