Logan’s Columbus Washboard Company

Washboards aren’t only used for washing clothes or as a prop in a country/western film. They can also be a fun and exciting musical instrument. No town celebrates the washboard more than Logan, Ohio. Logan is home to the Columbus Washboard Company, the only operating washboard manufacturer in the United States. The Columbus Washboard Company has produced over 23 million washboards since opening its doors in 1895. Not only does the company house a warehouse full of inventory, but hanging on the outside of the building is the world’s largest washboard. Standing in at 24 feet tall and constructed with metal and wood, the world’s largest washboard is a popular roadside tourist attraction in Logan. Sadly, due to the massive size, the washboard is merely a decorative piece and can only be played by Shaquille O’Neil. Visitors don’t have to attend the warehouse, to get a glimpse of the musical instruments, because the music comes to Logan’s citizens each Father’s Day Weekend at the annual Washboard Music Festival. Logan’s Washboard Music Festival features various genres of music played on the washboard in addition to current hits. The event is considered to be the most unique music festival in Ohio and features dancers, craft stations, a parade, and a variety of bands.



Photo via: Columbus Underground