Longest Covered Bridge in the U.S.

For non-engineers, bridges are an anomaly to the human eye. How can such a small structure support so much weight for such a longer period of a time, over such a long distance? To add to the mystique, roofs can be added to help preserve the bridge’s structure from rain and sun. They also resemble houses levitating over a body of water. If you happen to be driving in the northeastern corner of the state down State Road (Ashtabula County Road #25) between Plymouth and Ashtabula township, you will find yourself driving on/through the Smolen-Gulf Bridge. At 613 feet long, the structure is the longest covered bridge in the United States and the fourth longest in the world. The Smolen-Gulf Bridge stands 93 feet over the Ashtabula River. The construction of the bridge was completed in 2008 and cost $7.8 million to construct.


longest covered bridge

Photo via: Plymouthtownshipohio.org