Longest Running Potato Chip Company

This is a country that loves to snack and what symbolizes a “snack” more than a bag of potato chips. One of the oldest potato chip manufacturers in the United States is Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company founded in Dayton. Mike-sell’s is considered to be theĀ oldest continuous operating potato chip company in America. D.F. Mikesell and his wife founded the company in 1910, initially selling dried beef and sausage. However, it wasn’t before long that the couple saw opportunity and growth in the production of Saratoga Chips. In the early days of operations, Mikesell would deliver chips by bicycle. When his bike broke down, he visited fellow Dayton natives, the Wright Brothers, for repairs.

Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company is still headquartered in Dayton. It is one of the few private potato chip companies still in operation. The company credits their success to their loyal customers mainly located in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. They recently celebrated their 100th anniversary and are still going strong.


Photo via: Mike-sells.com