NFL Headquarters

It’s difficult to imagine the NFL Headquarters anywhere other than New York City. The Big Apple has been home to the league office of one of America’s most popular sports for over 50 years. Believe it or not, the NFL can trace its history back to Canton, Ohio, home of the first NFL office. The league was founded in Canton in 1920 at a Hupmobile showroom where¬†legendary athlete Jim Thorpe was named commissioner. The NFL headquarters only remained in Canton for one year before moving to Columbus when Joseph Carr took over as commissioner. The office remained in Ohio’s capital from 1921-1938. The most prominent location was¬†the 11th floor of the Hayden Building at 16 East Broad Street. When Carl Storck took over as League President in 1939, the NFL headquarters moved to the Winters Bank Building (Currently Kettering Tower) in Downtown Dayton. The offices remained there until 1940 before relocating to Chicago, Philadelphia, and ultimately New York City. While Ohio only hosted the league offices for 20 years or so, it played a crucial role in building the foundation for the sport.


Hayden Building – Columbus, Ohio

Photo via: Hayden Building