The Ohio Clock

Whether you are in favor or against it, daylight saving time has always been a mystery. The rationale and origins of the idea are unclear, however it’s certain that Congress passed the law on March 19, 1918 to standardize time in America. To announce and celebrate the first American daylight saving time in 1918, several senators turned forward the “Ohio Clock” by one hour. The Ohio Clock was ordered by a Connecticut senator and delivered to the Senate Chamber in 1817.┬áThe Ohio Clock is believed to be the most famous piece of furniture in the Senate, and one that is frequently referenced by lawmakers, staff, and reporters. It is the headline decoration of the Ohio Clock corridor where party leaders give press conferences to reporters each week. The “Ohio” namesake for the clock is somewhat unknown. Some theories are that the clock was delivered around the time Ohio became a state, the shield on the clock has 17 stars (Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the Union), and that senators stashed alcohol in the clock’s case during Prohibition (the name is ironic given Ohio’s role in the birth of Prohibition).


Ohio Clock

The First Daylight Saving Time

Photo via: wikipedia