Ohio Cup Vintage Baseball

Time machines haven’t been invited yet, but that won’t stop you from watching America’s past time as it was played in 1860. Each labor day weekend, the Ohio Village at the Ohio History Center in Columbus hosts “the Ohio Cup”. The two day competition is the largest gathering of vintage baseball clubs in the country. Over 30 teams from around the nation┬átravel to Columbus to be part of the “historic” event. While vintage baseball is similar to how the game is played today, there are a few variations. During the Ohio Cup, pitchers throw the ball underhand, strikes are only called as a last resort only if the batter refuses to swing at good pitches (a warning is issued before a strike can┬ábe called), and no gloves or protective equipment are allowed. I’m sure this led to a lot of crooked fingers. Everything at the Ohio Cup, from the rules, to the uniforms worn, to the lack of corporate sponsorship is designed to mirror that of the game in the 1860′s. For more information, visit the Ohio Cup Family Festival.


Ohio Muffins

Photo via: YeOldeBaseball