Ohio State Tied for the Most Heisman Winners

When Jameis Winston won the Heisman trophy award in 2013, he became the 3rd individual from Florida State to win the award since it was established in 1935. Sounds fairly impressive for one school, right? Not quite. Ohio State is currently tied with USC and Notre Dame for the school with the most Heisman trophy awards at 7.  There are only 6 individual winners from Ohio State, but Archie Griffin won the award twice. The Ohio State Heisman alumni include QB Les Horvath (1944), RB Vic Janowicz (1950), RB Howard Cassady (1955), RB Archie Griffin (1974, 1975), RB Eddie George (1995), and QB Troy Smith (2006). With the current success of the program, the school looks to add a few more Heisman awards to the trophy case in the upcoming years.


Ohio State Heisman

Ohio State’s four living Heisman winners doing O-H-I-O

Photo via: OSU.edu