Ohio’s Super Bowl

No, the Bengals and Browns are not participating in this year’s Super Bowl. However, there are a couple of Ohio businesses that are playing a big role in the big game. The Wilson Football, the official ball of the National Football League, is manufactured in Ada. The northwestern Ohio town has been home to the Wilson Football factory since 1955. Every football to every appear in a Super Bowl has been manufactured in Ada.

Super Bowl

In addition to the footballs, the referee’s whistles are also produced in Ohio. The whistles are manufactured by the American Whistle Corporation in Columbus. Each year, the American Whistle Corporation presents 24-karat gold-plated whistles for the referees and line judges of the Super Bowl. The rationale behind the gold whistles are, “if the players get a gold trophy, then the referees deserve gold whistles.” The whistles have been supplied for every Super Bowl since 1991.

super bowl

Picture via: Visit Worthington Ohio


So, if you have no one to root for this Super Bowl, there’s always the option to cheer for the hometown team, the balls and whistles.