Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

It’s time to dust of your lederhosen and pour some lager because September marks the beginning of the nation’s largest Oktoberfest which is held annually in Zinzinnati (more commonly known as Cincinnati). The three day event attracts over half a million bratwurst and beer fanatics each year. The festival has grown to one of the continent’s most popular Oktoberfest’s due to the heavy German influence within the city. A majority of the original settlers were of German descent and today around 20% of city’s population are of German ancestry. It also helps that Cincinnati’s “sister city” hosts the most visited and prominent Oktoberfest in the world, Munich, Germany.



It is believed that 80,000 bratwursts, 56,000 sausages, 20,000 soft pretzels, 3,600 pounds of sauerkraut, and 1.6 million ounces of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest. The festival isn’t just renowned for the profusion of bier and German cuisine, but for various events such as the wiener dog race, alpenhorn concert, and the world’s largest chicken dance. This year’s dance is led by Star Trek legend and activist George Takei. So grab your buddies, throw down some steins, dance to traditional polka music and experience a little bit of Munich here in Zinzinnati.










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