Play-Doh is an iconic toy that almost everyone has fond memories of playing with as a child. It turns out this fun children’s product started out as anything but that. Play-Doh was first manufactured by the Cincinnati based, Kutol Products, a soap company. During the 1930′s, the regional grocery store chain, Kroger, made a request for a product that could clean wallpaper that was non-toxic, didn’t stain, and could be reusable. Kutol Products’ Noah McVicker concocted a mixture of primarily water, salt, and flour and¬†voila “Play-Doh” was born. A family member of McVicker soon discovered that the wallpaper cleaner could be used as a fun molding toy for children. In the mid-1950′s, Kutol Products began to test the¬†product in Cincinnati-area schools and daycares. It was a huge hit. Under the newly branded “Rainbow Crafts Company”, the company changed the marketing of the product from a wallpaper cleaning product to a children’s toy. The color of the original product was also changed from an ugly greenish-brown to the three primary colors. Since 1955, over two billion cans of Play-Doh have been sold.


original playdoh

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