R.L. Stine

No author has both caught the attention and frightened young readers better than R.L. Stine. Best known for his bestselling series, Goosebumps, R.L. Stine (Robert Lawrence Stein) was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1943. He began writing at the age of 9 with an old typewriter than he found in his attic. His early interests were actually in writing jokes and comical short stories. He continued to write throughout his high school years while attending Bexley High School. Following graduation from high school, Stine attended The Ohio State University where he majored in English. He also was the editor for the Ohio State humor magazine “the Sundial”. Stine later moved to New York City to pursue his writing career. He wrote his first horror novel 20 years after his graduation from Ohio State. Stine also wrote an autobiography in 2015 titled “It Came from Ohio” a children’s book about his own childhood and how it shaped him as a writer.



My Life as An Author

 Photo via: GoodReads