Rudy 2.0

Rudy is a classic film. It’s great for sports fans, family-friendly, and extremely inspirational. Who doesn’t shed a tear when Rudy’s Notre Dame teammates hand in their jerseys in Coach Devine’s office. The final scene is the moment that brings the whole movie together.



Following the clip, there’s text that pops up on the screen that reads “Since 1975 no other Notre Dame player has been carried off the field”.


Rudy Carried Off Field Marc Edwards


It turns out the movie will need to be remade as this is not a true statement anymore. In 1995, an Ohioan named Marc Edwards led Notre Dame over the #5 ranked University of Southern California Trojans by scoring three touchdowns. Following the game, Edwards became the 2nd player in Fighting Irish history to be carried off the field.


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Marc was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1974. He attended Norwood High School where he was the starting middle linebacker. He was awarded Ohio’s Football Player of the Year in 1992. He went on to have an eight year NFL career including one Super Bowl title.


Marc! Marc! Marc!