Scary Movies

Nothing goes better with Halloween than a handful of scary movies. For some reason, directors really like to base horror movies in the Buckeye state. The scary movies set in Ohio include:


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street


A Nightmare on Elm Street as well as the entire Freddy Krueger franchise (Freddy’s Revenge, Dream Warriors, Freddy vs. Jason, etc…) was based in the fictional town of Springwood, Ohio. While the town and story is made up, the idea for the knife-fingered killer stems from the director’s childhood in Cleveland. The director, Wes Craven, recalls seeing a disfigured homeless man with a fedora walking past his Northeast Ohio home. And, just like that a horror movie villain was born.


The Silence of the Lambs



Belvedere, Ohio is the name of the fictional town depicted in the novel and film, the Silence of the Lambs. While the majority of the movie was not filmed in Ohio, the bridge that is shown leading into town is the Bellaire toll bridge in Belmont County, Ohio.





The film “Dahmer” is based on the life of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer grew up in the Akron area and attended the Ohio State University for college. The film is set in both Bath, Ohio (an Akron suburb) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Trick ‘r Treat



In the film “Trick ‘r Treat”, the main villain visits the fictional Warren Valley, Ohio to ensure the boys and girls are following the rules of Halloween and “punishes” those who ignore them.