Script Ohio

Script Ohio


- Le Regiment (Script Ohio)


Cursive typography hasn’t taken over as standard print like our third grade teachers told us it would. However, there is one cursive word that my be more prominent and aesthetic than its printed form, “Ohio”. Script Ohio is an Ohio State University tradition that dates back to October 1936. It is recognized by Bleacher ReportBuzzfeed, and NBC Sports as one of the greatest and most unique traditions in college football. With the direction of the drum major, the entire OSU marching band steps in formation to the tune of Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse spelling out “Ohio” in cursive. The most exciting and well known portion of the Script Ohio performance is after the spelling of “Ohio” is complete. A Senior sousaphone player will emerge from his or her position and dot the “i”. This is considered one of the highest honors for a marching band member. There have also been a handful of honorary non-band members to dot the “i” including Jack Nicklaus, Bob Hope, Woody Hayes, and heavyweight boxing champion, Buster Douglas.


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