Skyline Chili

Just as pizza is synonymous with Chicago, cheesesteaks with Philadephia, and chicken wings in Buffalo, the simple combination of spaghetti, chili, and cheese defines the city of Cincinnati. A fan favorite for the Cincinnati delicacy is Skyline Chili. Skyline features two signature dishes, 3-way chili and the cheese coney. The 3-way chili consists of a bowl of spaghetti topped with Cincinnati style chili and a mountain of shredded cheddar cheese. The cheese coney is a miniature hot dog topped with the same style chili and cheese. While the chili recipe is a family secret, Skyline fans believe the unique taste comes from a blend of cinnamon and chocolate.

Skyline restaurants also strive to provide a memorable dining experience to each customer. First time Skyline goers will often receive a free “goody-bag” of restaurant memorabilia including a bib, its famous hot sauce, oyster crackers, and a peppermint patty. Skyline restaurants are also recognized for the personal attention that customers are given. It’s not uncommon for restaurant managers to interact with customers during their meal. Skyline operates over 140 establishments in 4 states (Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Florida).



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