Sweetest Day

Often accused of being a “Hallmark Holiday”, Sweetest Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in October and can trace its origin back to Cleveland. Today, the holiday is portrayed as a romantic occasion similar to Valentine’s Day, however the initial purpose was much different. Cleveland philanthropist and candy employee, Herbert Birch Kingston, planned the first Sweetest Day in 1922 to distribute candy to the city’s orphans, elders, and less fortunate. Kingston’s mission attracted the attention of the biggest movie stars at the time, Theda Bara and Ann Pennington. Together, Kingston, Bara, and Pennington delivered thousands of candy boxes to those is need. The importance of candy within the day’s event coined the holiday’s tagline, “The Sweetest Day of the Year”.


Sweetest Day

Photo Credit via Cleveland Plain Dealer


Disclaimer: My girlfriend subtly sent me the history of Sweetest Day to help contribute to this site. According to her, in “no way” was it meant to serve as a reminder to celebrate the holiday… 

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