Swing State

Ohio controlled only 18 electoral votes in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, making up 3.34% of the total Electoral College, yet it was considered to be the biggest “swing state” and the largest battleground state of the election. If the number of votes are insignificant, why does Ohio matter? First of all, a Republican president has never won the presidency without winning the state of Ohio. Next, since 1961 whichever candidate won Ohio, went on to win the election. To add to that, only 7 presidents have ever won the election without Ohio (John Q. Adams (1824), James K. Polk (1844), Zachary Taylor (1848), James Buchanan (1856), Grover Cleveland (1884,1892), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1944); John F. Kennedy (1960)).¬†Due to the clout Ohio has in elections, eight presidents have resided in Ohio prior to being elected.

In recent elections, votes for the Democratic and Republican candidates have been fairly even. Ohio is a diverse state and considered to be a microcosm of America. For every rural town there is a bustling city. Various races and ethnic groups are also well represented throughout the state. Due to this, each election has been “too close to call”.

Take a look at these 2012 statistics provided by “The Week“:

Total ads run by Obama in Ohio in 2012: 100,674 (if spread across 5 months it equals 650 per day!)
Total ads run by Romney in Ohio in 2012: 41,162
Total visits by Obama to Ohio: 22
Total visits by Romney to Ohio: 51
Advertising money spent by Obama in Ohio: $72.7 million
Advertising money spent by Romney in Ohio: $42.4 million


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