Walleye Capital of the World

Millions tune-in to watch the New Years Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, but that event does not match the uniqueness of Port Clinton’s Walleye Drop. “Walleye Madness”, famous for the midnight drop of a 20 foot long, 600 pound fiberglass walleye is attended by over 6,000 Port Clinton residents. This New Years Eve bash, along with their annual “Walleye Festival” has properly awarded the Northern Ohio city the title of “Walleye Capital of the World”. Beyond the plethora of walleye-themed festivals and events, Port Clinton is situated on the shoreline of Lake Erie. The water in the area is considered to be the perfect spot for walleye feeding and spawning. The abundance of fish attracts anglers from all around the county. The residents of Port Clinton are so proud of their connection with walleye that they even have a town mascot, “Wylie the Walleye”.


 Photo via: The Toledo Blade