World’s Largest Amish Community

For some time now, I have wanted to write about the fascinating Amish country in Ohio. Not only to appeal to all of OhioWins’ Amish followers, but because Ohio has the largest Amish population in the world (approximately 60,000). The Amish are one of the fastest growing religious groups in North America and have been happy to call Ohio home. Ohio is a perfect mix for the religious group as it offers plenty of rural land in close proximity to town centers which offer basic necessities such as banks, hospitals, and markets. About 50% of the Amish population in Ohio have settled within Holmes County. It is the most densely populated Amish county in the country. Approximately 42% of individuals in Holmes County are Amish. The region also offers a great weekend retreat for the whole family if you are looking to disconnect from your smartphone, tablet, or reddit.

Amish Population by State:

1. Ohio – 59,103
2. Pennsylvania – 58,009
3. Indiana – 45,144
4. Wisconsin – 14,957
5. New York – 10,787
6. Michigan – 10,218
7. Missouri – 9,833
8. Kentucky – 8,172
9. Iowa – 7,179
10. Illinois – 6,267

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