World’s Largest Basket

Need a basket that can fit more than a blanket, a bottle of wine, and some crackers? Try a basket that is 160 times larger than a normal basket, is seven stories in height, and can hold 500 employees. That’s right, the Longaberger Company, a manufacturer of wood baskets and lifestyle products, is headquartered in a basket-shaped building in Newark, Ohio. At 180,000 square feet and weighing in at 9,000 tons, the Longaberger building is considered to be the world’s largest basket. The handles alone weigh 150 tons and can be heated during the winter to prevent ice from forming. The vision for the building came from founder, Dave Longaberger, who uniquely thought that all of the Longaberger buildings should be shaped to model their products. Groundbreaking began on October 23, 1995 and employees moved into the basket in 1997. Today, the world’s largest basket not only functions as a corporate office but as a tourist attraction as well. Hundreds of thousands of fans make the pilgrimage to Newark each year to get a glimpse of the basket and order the famous Longaberger products.


World's Largest Basket

The Longaberger’s basket passion does not end with the corporate headquarters. At their homestead in Frazeysburg, Ohio, sits the world’s largest apple-shaped basket. The monument stands 20 feet tall and is full of augmented red apples. Forget New York City, Frazeysburg should really be nicknamed the “Big Apple”.


World's Largest Apple Basket

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