World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

It turns out we have a piece of Switzerland right in our backyard. Sugarcreek, Ohio is one of the largest Amish communities in the world and is also known as “Little Switzerland”. However, there is nothing “little” about the town’s 23′ tall, 24′ wide, and 13′ deep cuckoo clock. Sugarcreek’s clock is considered to be the world’s largest cuckoo clock by the Guinness Book of World Records. The clock was originally constructed in 1972 in Walnut Creek to attract tourists to the Alpine Alpa restaurant. The restaurant eventually closed and planned to dissemble the clock. Due to the significance of the Northeast Ohio landmark, a local business owner agreed to move the clock to Sugarcreek and help renovate it. The clock resumed its cuckooing in 2012 and now features a five piece “oompa band” accompanied by a robotic couple that dances the polka every half hour.

cuckoo clock