World’s Largest Drumsticks

Since its construction in 2012, Warren, Ohio has been home to the world’s largest drumsticks. No, they were not personally made for The Hulk or Shaq’s new drum set, but to pay homage to rock star and former Warren resident Dave Grohl. Each drumstick is constructed from poplar wood and is 23 feet long and over 900 pounds. The over-sized drumsticks are engraved with feathers to resemble his tattoos. The drumsticks were presented to Grohl in July 2012. This was not Grohl’s first recognition from the Youngstown area city. In 2009, a rock themed alley was named in his honor. The world’s largest drumsticks can be found in this alley today. Dave was former drummer for the band, “Nirvana”, and then later founded “Foo Fighters”. He was born in Warren in 1969, but moved with his family to Virginia at a young age. He is still proud of his Ohio roots today.


Dave Grohl Ohio

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