The World’s Largest Popcorn Festival

If the only reason you go to the movie theater is for the giant tub of buttery popcorn, then Marion, Ohio has the festival for you. The Marion Popcorn Festival has been held annually since 1981 and is celebrated the weekend after Labor Day.  It is estimated that around 250,000 people from all around the country attend the festival each year making it the largest popcorn festival in the world. Each year the event hosts a performance by talents such as Boys II Men, Styx, Blues Travelers, Blake Shelton, and Gloria Estefan. Besides the music performances, there are also a handful of competitions which include a 5k Run, Bicycle tour, Bowling Tournament, a Popcorn Cooking Contest, and the Miss Teen Popcorn Pageant (among many others). Don’t worry! The festival doesn’t discriminate. Whether you are a fan of kettle, caramel, cheesy, or traditional there will be booths upon booths to enjoy what the festival is really all about, “popcorn”.


Largest Popcorn Festival