World’s Shortest Street

The following Ohio tidbit was provided by my optometrist which I find appropriate because if you don’t look close enough you might miss it! The fact I’m referring to, is that Bellefontaine, Ohio is home to the world’s shortest street. Measuring in at only 17 feet long, McKinley St. connects Garfield Ave. to W. Columbus Ave. on the west side of the town. While it is noted that Ebenezer Place in Scotland and Elgin Street in United Kingdom are shorter roads, supporters of the McKinley Street record state that motor vehicle traffic is permitted on McKinley Street while it is not on these other ones. Even with these claims afloat, it can still be the shortest road in the United States. The “roadside” attraction is marked by a sign so visitors from all around the world can see it.


World's Shortest Street



Photo via: Roadside America