The Zanesville Y-Bridge

Let’s start with a riddle. A man and his son cross a river on a bridge, yet they end up on the same side of the river that they started on. No, the father and son did not get to the end and walk back or possess a jet pack. They are actually in Zanesville, Ohio home to the world famous Y-Bridge. The “Y” shaped bridge spans the convergence of the Licking and Muskingum River. As you can see in the solution below, if you are driving down W. Main and take a left at the intersection of the bridge onto Linden Ave. you will still remain on the west side of the Muskingum River. The first Y-Bridge opened in 1814 and has been reconstructed four times since the original establishment. In the early days of aviation when pilots heavily relied on landmarks, Amelia Earhart referred to Zanesville as the most recognizable city in America due to the obscurity of the Y-Bridge.



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